Grab your stake and sonic screwdriver…

…and no, those aren’t euphemisms! We’re about to hop in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and travel through time and space to the treacherously temperate clime of Sunnydale, California.

In just a couple short weeks, starting June 3, we — Kat Sas and Curtis Weyant — are embarking on a new venture to explore the Buffyverse and the Whoniverse in a way that’s never been done before: Side by side. We expect it to be a fairly bumpy, possibly dangerous and altogether enjoyable ride … and we hope you’ll join us!

Check out our promo above, and please share with your family, friends, fans, random strangers and your local Slayerettes Meetup group. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast feed so you can start listening right from the beginning.


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