Episode 1 – Domestically-Scaled Menace

Welcome to our first episode! We are both very excited to start on this journey, and we hope you are as well.

In this first episode, we discuss a bit about the general idea behind our podcast, why juxtaposing Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer makes sense, and Kat provides some background to Doctor Who, while Curt gives an introduction to Buffy.


11 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Domestically-Scaled Menace

  1. Hi! What a fun idea for a podcast. As a fan of both series, I’m looking forward to hearing more from you both.

    I agree with you that the Doctor shouldn’t be called “Doctor Who” in conversation, it is interesting to note that William Hartnell (and maybe some others – I don’t know; have only gone back that far a few times) is credited as “Doctor Who” on screen at the end of the early episodes!

    Like you, Curt, I saw the Buffy movie after enjoying the series – and I found I liked it! It’s terrifically campy, of course, and not like the tone of the show at all, but if you take it for what it is, it’s kind of fun. The title of the series really put me off all through the first year; it finally took one of my wife’s friends to convince us to give it a try as season 2 was getting going. We really enjoyed it quite consistently until the end of season 5… I still think that’s where the show should have ended, but there were some good things afterward (especially Buffy’s nerdy “nemeses”!).

    Dark Horse and IDW Comics ought to give you a listen and plan a great Buffy/Doctor crossover!

    1. Thanks Michael – We’re really enjoying producing them. We’re only about halfway through Season 1 of each series with our recordings, so there’s a ways to go yet before Buffy Season 5, but I suspect you and I may have similar views on that…. (No spoilers, though, ’cause Kat’s still a newbie!)

      If you know anyone at Dark Horse and IDW who want to hire some people to write crossovers, feel free to point them in our direction! ;)

    2. Thanks for the kind words, Michael. I’ll just pretend I didn’t hear what you said about the end of Buffy season 5! :)

      Re: The Doctor vs. Doctor Who – You’re absolutely right, and I should have clarified that. In fact, even Christopher Eccleston in the new series is credited as “Doctor Who” at the end. I suppose it’s “the Doctor” inside the fiction, but sometimes in “real world” conversation he is referred to as Doctor Who. I believe the new show changed the end credits when David Tennant took over (apparently as his own request).

  2. Hi guys – I must say this is a great idea. I am a long time fan of the Doctor in the Tardis (my first Doctor was Patrick Troughton, although I probably identify more with Jon Pertwee since I was very young when I saw Troughton (6 or 7 I think)) I have loved the energy and passion of the new series and am looking forward to hearing you guys discuss it from your different perspectives.
    I’ve never (until tonight) watched a single episode of Buffy. I watched the movie many years ago and because of that never even considered watching the TV show. Tonight however, to prepare for your next podcast I watched both “Rose” and “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by Buffy. It remains to be seen if I am going to become a fan exactly. While it is certain fair to say that it is better than the movie, that bar is a pretty low one, and I don’t think it cleared it by much – however there is some cause for optimism. So once again – great idea – and thanks for sharing it :)

    1. Thanks Chris! That’s great to hear that you’ll watch along with us…that’s what it’s all about! As I said in my intro, I am woefully ignorant of the Classic DW series, but that is something I hope to rectify over the next several months. Like you, I was hooked on the new show straight away: Energy and passion, for sure. Glad that you’re giving Buffy a go. The first season of a show is almost always the weakest, so you’ve got to give them time to “grow the beard,” as they say. I’ve been enjoying the cleverness of Buffy’s first season, and I’m taking Curt’s word for it (and the word of many fans) that it just gets better and better over time. Again, we’re just thrilled that other people seem to be as into this idea as we are.

      1. LOL at Grow the Beard – never heard that expression before but it was exactly what I was telling myself while watching Buffy. And indeed it was even ST:TNG that I was thinking of when saying it. I have big holes in my classic series viewing too, due in part to some of it not showing down here in NZ. Indeed I am working my way through the Sylvester McCoy years at the moment. But also haven’t watched the Eccleston stuff in quite a while so am enjoying coming back to this.

  3. Great first episode and I’m looking forward to the second. I’m a Buffy veteran but a Who newbie. My wife and I watched “Rose” a year or two ago, but she was turned off by the camp and we haven’t watched further. Just pondering your conversation and my recollections of the respective pilot episodes, I can see that this comparison is going to be a fruitful one. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Thanks Dave! Yes, DW is definitely campy but I promise that if you can get past the camp factor the story offers so much to dig into! After all, camp doesn’t have to preclude intelligence, right? ;)

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