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Episode 22 – Clever Enough to Save the World

UPDATED! Apparently Curt wasn’t clever enough to upload the actual podcast. All is fixed. Enjoy!

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 2×7 The Idiot’s Lantern and Buffy 2×9 What’s My Line? (Part 1)

The Idiot’s Lantern

Written by Mark Gatiss; Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor and Rose travel to the early 1950’s where on an ordinary street people are being attacked by their brand new TV sets.  Discussion points include:

  • Britain 1953: TV, Churchill and the coronation
  • The Connellys: A rotten nuclear family
  • Insufferable Eddie and proto-feminist Rita
  • Rose’s increasing confidence and independence
  • The Doctor’s mind and mouth
  • “No power on this earth that can stop me”: The Doctor’s protectiveness of Rose
What’s My Line? (Part 1)

Written by Marti Noxon and Howard Gordon; Directed by David Solomon

Buffy becomes the target of three deadly assassins as she contemplates her future, and she makes a shocking discovery. Discussion Points Include:

  • Careers and vocations
  • Buffy’s longing for a “normal life”
  • Angel’s moral ambiguity
  • The Scooby Gang: Xander, Willow, Cordy and Oz
  • The Order of Taraka
  • Kendra the Vampire Slayer?!?!

Next time: Buffy 2×10 What’s My Line? (Part 2) and Doctor Who 2×8 The Impossible Planet


Episode 21 – Making It Up As We Go Along

Episodes discussed: Buffy 2×8 The Dark Age and Doctor Who 2×6 The Age of Steel

The Dark Age

Written by Dean Batali and Rob Des Hotel; Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Giles must confront his personal demons when a literal demon from his past returns to wreak revenge.  Discussion points include:

  • Giles’ sordid past
  • Psychedelic metaphors
  • Dangling plot threads
  • Jenny and Giles “get involved”
  • Eyghon vs. Angel
  • Angel to the rescue!
The Age of Steel

Written by Tom MacRae; Directed by Graeme Harper

The Doctor, Rose and Mickey continue their fight against the Cybermen in the alternate universe.  Discussion Points Include:

  • Mickey finds a place of his own
  • Are Mickey and Ricky really so different?
  • The Doctor’s evolving attitude towards Mickey
  • Rose’s many losses
  • AlternateUniverse!Pete and Cyber!Jackie
  • The Doctor’s family and Time Lord names

Next time: Doctor Who 2×7 The Idiot’s Lantern and Buffy 2×9 What’s My Line? (Part 1)

Episode 20 – The Ultimate Upgrade

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 2×5 Rise of the Cybermen and Buffy 2×7 Lie to Me

Rise of the Cybermen

Written by Tom MacRae; Directed by Graeme Harper

When the TARDIS suddenly explodes the Doctor and his companions are flung into a parallel Earth where “everything’s the same but a little bit different.”  Discussion points include:

  • The mechanics of the Time Vortex and the Void
  • Mickey “it’s never gonna be me” Smith
  • Ricky: The bizarro Mickey
  • Pete and alternative realities
  • The Tyler family unit
  • Classic Who villains: The Cybermen
Lie to Me

Written and directed by Joss Whedon

Buffy and her friends encounter a group of teens who idealize vampires and Buffy’s old school crush transfers to Sunnydale High.  Discussion Points Include:

  • Ford’s fear of death and quest for immortality
  • “The Lonely Ones”: Romanticizing vampires
  • The dastardly villain Ford
  • Vampires: Sexy monsters?
  • Are vampires really soulless?: Examining Angelus, Drusilla and Spike
  • Truth and lies

Next time: Buffy 2×8 The Dark Age and Doctor Who 2×6 The Age of Steel

Episode 19 – Eyeballs to Entrails

Episodes discussed: Buffy 2×6 Halloween and Doctor Who 2×4 The Girl in the Fireplace


Written by Carl Ellsworth; Directed by Bruce Seth Green

When Buffy and her friends buy their Halloween costumes from a new shop, they find themselves taking their roles rather seriously.  Discussion points include:

  • Costumes, acting and role-playing
  • Buffy’s stereotypical alter-ego
  • Does Willow’s confidence come from her costume?
  • Cordelia: Both shallow and deep
  • Two-faced Janus
  • Is tweedy Giles just a role, too?
The Girl in the Fireplace

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor & co. visit a 51st century spaceship riddled with doorways leading into the life of 18th century French aristocrat, Madame de Pompadour.  Discussion Points Include:

  • The marvelous Madame de Pompadour
  • The Doctor’s Vulcan mind-meld
  • The slow path and duty
  • Monsters under the bed and the Lonely Angel
  • “It’s more than just a secret”: Names and titles
  • Broken promises and magic doors

Next time: Doctor Who 2×5 Rise of the Cybermen and Buffy 2×7  Lie to Me.