Episode 21 – Making It Up As We Go Along

Episodes discussed: Buffy 2×8 The Dark Age and Doctor Who 2×6 The Age of Steel

The Dark Age

Written by Dean Batali and Rob Des Hotel; Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Giles must confront his personal demons when a literal demon from his past returns to wreak revenge.  Discussion points include:

  • Giles’ sordid past
  • Psychedelic metaphors
  • Dangling plot threads
  • Jenny and Giles “get involved”
  • Eyghon vs. Angel
  • Angel to the rescue!
The Age of Steel

Written by Tom MacRae; Directed by Graeme Harper

The Doctor, Rose and Mickey continue their fight against the Cybermen in the alternate universe.  Discussion Points Include:

  • Mickey finds a place of his own
  • Are Mickey and Ricky really so different?
  • The Doctor’s evolving attitude towards Mickey
  • Rose’s many losses
  • AlternateUniverse!Pete and Cyber!Jackie
  • The Doctor’s family and Time Lord names

Next time: Doctor Who 2×7 The Idiot’s Lantern and Buffy 2×9 What’s My Line? (Part 1)


About Katherine Sas

I graduated from Messiah College in 2009 with a B.A. in English Literature. I'm a student of all things arts and humanities, in particular Tolkien, the Inklings, and the fantastic and imaginative tradition in storytelling.

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