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Episode 31 – There’s a Demon for Everything

Episodes discussed: Buffy 2×18 Killed by Death and Doctor Who 3×2 The Shakespeare Code

Killed by Death

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali; Directed by Deran Sarafian

While in the hospital with the flu, Buffy must confront her childhood fears and memories.  Discussion points include:

  • The standalone meets the mythological
  • Repressed childhood fears
  • “You can’t fight death”
  • Luck, chance or providence?
  • The loyal Scooby Gang
  • (Romantic) tension between Joyce and Giles
The Shakespeare Code

Written by Gareth Roberts; Directed by Charlie Palmer

As a thank you, the Doctor takes Martha back in time to Elizabethan London to watch an authentic Shakespearean play at the Globe Theater. Discussion Points Include:

  • Martha’s intellectual curiosity
  • Pop culture apotheosis: The Doctor quotes Harry Potter in a Shakespearean drama
  • Slightly racist, slightly bi-sexual, always perceptive Shakespeare
  • The unfair comparisons of Martha and Rose
  • The power of words, names and art
  • Queen Elizabeth and time travel

Next time: Doctor Who 3×3 Gridlock and Buffy 2×19 I Only Have Eyes For You


Episode 30 – Sunshine and Moon Rain

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 3×1 Smith and Jones and Buffy 2×17 Passion

Smith and Jones

Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Charles Palmer

The Doctor befriends medical student Martha Jones when her hospital is mysteriously transported to the moon.  Discussion points include:

  • New companion: Doctor (in training) Martha Jones
  • The inevitable comparison/contrast of Martha and Rose
  • The Doctor’s complicated invitation
  • Why do some people not like Martha?
  • The Doctor’s evolving personality
  • A domestic vampire and thuggish rhinoceri

Written by David Tyron King; Directed by Michael Gershman

Angel takes his torment of Buffy to increasingly creepy levels while Jenny forms a plan to stop him. Discussion Points Include:

  • The tragic fate of Jenny Calendar
  • So much depends upon a floppy disk… (and why you should always back up your files)
  • Jenny’s penance and redemption
  • Giles’ fit of passion and role reversals
  • Joyce and Buffy have “The Talk”
  • The mechanics of vampires crossing thresholds

Next time: Buffy 2×18 Killed by Death and Doctor Who 3×2 The Shakespeare Code

Episode 29 – A Good Day to Break Up

Episodes discussed: Buffy 2×16  Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered and the Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

Written by Marti Noxon; Directed by James A Contner

This go predictably and hilariously awry when Xander makes a love potion.  Discussion points include:

  • The snubbing of Cordelia Chase
  • “We don’t fit”: Cordy and Xander’s odd relationship
  • The hubris and stupidity of Amy and Xander
  • The escalating scenes of seduction
  • Joyce’s repression
  • Incest and competition among the vamps
The Runaway Bride

Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor tries to foil an alien conspiracy and help bride Donna make it back to London for her wedding day. Discussion Points Include:

  • What is a companion, anyway?
  • Donna and the Nobles
  • Donna’s rejection of the Doctor
  • A new spin on the Doctor’s loneliness
  • The Doctor goes all “Oncoming Storm” on the Racnoss
  • Echoes and callbacks

Next time: Doctor Who 3×1 Smith and Jones and Buffy 2×17 Passion

Doctor Who Series 2 Recap: Burning Up a Sun Just to Say Goodbye

In this special bonus episode, we take some time to discuss the second series of Doctor Who as a whole.

Discussion Points Include:

  • Kat and Curt’s favorite episodes of the second series
  • The theme of lost love
  • The importance of Rose Tyler (and Billie Piper)
  • Where will the Doctor go from here?
  • Comedy, goofiness and wit
  • Torchwood

Next time: Buffy 2×16 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered and the Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special The Runaway Bride

Episode 28 – It’s Not Up to You

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 2×13 and Doomsday Buffy 2×15 Phases


Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Graeme Harper

The Daleks and Cybermen have both invaded Earth through Torchwood Tower while the Doctor and Rose are faced with some life-altering decisions.  Discussion points include:

  • The fate of Rose Tyler
  • The importance of the Tyler family unit
  • Dr. Rose Tyler?
  • Is the Doctor too protective of Rose?
  • Time War teases
  • The Cult of Skaro and the Bride

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali; Directed by Bruce Seth Green

A werewolf turns up in Sunnydale while Willow encounters frustrations in her relationship with Oz. Discussion Points Include:

  • Oz: The (not so) Bad Wolf
  • Oz’s passive aggression
  • Alpha males and subversiveness
  • Willow confronts Oz
  • Werewolf mythology
  • Xander and the girls

Next time: The Doctor Who series 2 recap

Episode 27 – You’ve Changed So Much

Episodes discussed: Buffy 2×14 Innocence Doctor Who 2×12 Army of Ghosts


Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

Buffy and Angel’s night together results in  terrible consequences.  Discussion points include:

  • Did Angel know about the rules of the curse?
  • The questionable logic of the Gypsy Curse
  • Giles chooses Buffy over Jenny
  • Levels of insanity and evil among the vampires
  • Teen relationships and the metaphor of the week
  • The enduring popularity of the episode
Army of Ghosts

Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Graeme Harper

While visiting home, the Doctor, Rose and Jackie encounter the mysterious organization known as Torchwood. Discussion Points Include:

  • “This is the story of how I died”: Rose theories
  • The gates of Faerie
  • Jackie’s hopes and fears
  • What is Torchwood?
  • Daleks vs. Cybermen: Every kid’s dream
  • Mickey’s character growth

Next time: Doctor Who 2×13 Doomsday and Buffy 2×15 Phases