Episode 28 – It’s Not Up to You

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 2×13 and Doomsday Buffy 2×15 Phases


Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Graeme Harper

The Daleks and Cybermen have both invaded Earth through Torchwood Tower while the Doctor and Rose are faced with some life-altering decisions.  Discussion points include:

  • The fate of Rose Tyler
  • The importance of the Tyler family unit
  • Dr. Rose Tyler?
  • Is the Doctor too protective of Rose?
  • Time War teases
  • The Cult of Skaro and the Bride

Written by Rob Des Hotel & Dean Batali; Directed by Bruce Seth Green

A werewolf turns up in Sunnydale while Willow encounters frustrations in her relationship with Oz. Discussion Points Include:

  • Oz: The (not so) Bad Wolf
  • Oz’s passive aggression
  • Alpha males and subversiveness
  • Willow confronts Oz
  • Werewolf mythology
  • Xander and the girls

Next time: The Doctor Who series 2 recap


About Katherine Sas

I graduated from Messiah College in 2009 with a B.A. in English Literature. I'm a student of all things arts and humanities, in particular Tolkien, the Inklings, and the fantastic and imaginative tradition in storytelling.

7 thoughts on “Episode 28 – It’s Not Up to You

  1. Hey Cat and Kurt, i know i’m pretty far behind the times here but i’m catching up… as i was listening to this episode, i heard the two of you struggling with calling Xander misogynist (the complementary term, by the way, is misandry/misandrist) because of his views towards his 3 ladies.. i think you need to look for slightly softer descriptions like sexist or chauvinist. That is, he is viewing the women in his life as less relevant (or real) than his own existence but he is in no way hating them for being women.

    Just my two cents… really enjoying listening as i wonder around Korea… :-)

    1. Misandry…of course. Don’t know why I couldn’t think of that when we were actually recording!

      You may be right. I don’t know that I could clearly distinguish between misogyny, chauvinism and sexism. Wikipedia seems suggests that misogyny covers a broad range, from outright hatred (implied by the Greek roots of the word) to objectification, with other stuff in between.

      In any case, regardless of the proper term, I think overall our point was that Xander wasn’t exactly acting like a model male figure in his attitude towards the women in his circle.

    2. Yes, I looked up the word “misandry” after we’d already recorded, and it would have worked much better. I think you’re spot on, Stephen – Xander isn’t a woman-hater. His transgresses come from insensitivity and occasional selfishness, not malice. Thanks for listening and commenting!

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