Episode 30 – Sunshine and Moon Rain

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 3×1 Smith and Jones and Buffy 2×17 Passion

Smith and Jones

Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Charles Palmer

The Doctor befriends medical student Martha Jones when her hospital is mysteriously transported to the moon.  Discussion points include:

  • New companion: Doctor (in training) Martha Jones
  • The inevitable comparison/contrast of Martha and Rose
  • The Doctor’s complicated invitation
  • Why do some people not like Martha?
  • The Doctor’s evolving personality
  • A domestic vampire and thuggish rhinoceri

Written by David Tyron King; Directed by Michael Gershman

Angel takes his torment of Buffy to increasingly creepy levels while Jenny forms a plan to stop him. Discussion Points Include:

  • The tragic fate of Jenny Calendar
  • So much depends upon a floppy disk… (and why you should always back up your files)
  • Jenny’s penance and redemption
  • Giles’ fit of passion and role reversals
  • Joyce and Buffy have “The Talk”
  • The mechanics of vampires crossing thresholds

Next time: Buffy 2×18 Killed by Death and Doctor Who 3×2 The Shakespeare Code


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I graduated from Messiah College in 2009 with a B.A. in English Literature. I'm a student of all things arts and humanities, in particular Tolkien, the Inklings, and the fantastic and imaginative tradition in storytelling.

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