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Episode 39 – Beware the Weeping Angel

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×4 Beauty and Beasts  and Doctor Who 3×10 Blink

Beauty and Beasts

Written by Marti Noxon; Directed by James Whitmore Jr.

Oz is suspected when a vicious beast starts attacking the people of Sunnydale.  Discussion points include:

  • Why is beauty singular and beasts plural?
  • Men and their beastly dopplegangers
  • Oz controls his wild side
  • Pete & Debbie as a cautionary tale for Buffy & Angel
  • Angel’s rescue and feminism
  • Faith the faithless

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Hettie MacDonald

Photographer Sally Sparrow explores an abandoned old house where she encounters terrifying monsters and messages from the Doctor. Discussion Points Include:

  • The origins and legacy of “Blink”
  • “Sad is happy for deep people”: Old things and nostalgia
  • Sally Sparrow and the Nightingales
  • Death, the brevity of life, and the horror of the Weeping Angels
  • Audience participation and the rules of the Quantum Lock
  • Easter eggs and “timey-wimey” mythology

Bonus: Read Steven Moffat’s original short story that inspired “Blink”: “What I Did On My Christmas Holidays” by Sally Sparrow.

Next time: Doctor Who 3×11 Utopia and Buffy 3×5 Homecoming.


Episode 38 – Fire and Ice and Rage

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 3×9 The Family of Blood  and Buffy 3×3 Faith, Hope & Trick.

The Family of Blood

Written by Paul Cornell; Directed by Charles Palmer

Human schoolteacher John Smith finds himself faced with an impossible choice while the Family of Blood closes in.  Discussion points include:

  • The deliberately evil Family of Blood
  • Kindness, cruelty and justice
  • Invasion of the body snatchers
  • “Facing death is part of being human”
  • Cowardice, kids with guns and the Lost Generation
  • “I must look so very small”: Joan’s stature
Faith, Hope & Trick

Written by David Greenwalt; Directed by James A. Contner

There’s a new Slayer in town and her wild and crazy life disrupts Buffy’s attempts to return to normalcy. Discussion Points Include:

  • The Slayer trinity: Faith contrasted with Buffy and Kendra
  • Faith’s traumatic backstory
  • Ancient Kakistos and newfangled Mr. Trick
  • What does Faith’s name signify?
  • The super sweet Scott Hope
  • Angel’s back!

Next time: Buffy 3×4 Beauty and the Beasts and Doctor Who 3×10 Blink.

Episode 37 – We Make Quite a Team

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×2 Dead Man’s Party and Doctor Who 3×8 Human Nature.

Dead Man’s Party

Written by Marti Noxon; Directed by James Whitmore, Jr.

Buffy and her friends confront each other when Buffy’s Welcome Home Party goes awry.  Discussion points include:

  • The fractured Scoobie Unit
  • Kat and Curt play Point/Counterpoint with the Scoobies
  • Buffy and Xander butt heads
  • Giles’ unconditional support
  • The necessity of communication
  • Why would Joyce let this party happen?
Human Nature

Written by Paul Cornell; Directed by Charlie Palmer

To hide from a ruthless family of aliens, the Doctor disguises himself as human and hides with Martha in 1913. Discussion Points Include:

  • Doctor Who adapts itself: Paul Cornell’s Human Nature novel
  • 1913: Edwardian England, public schools, and World War I
  • Institutionalized gender, race, and class discrimination
  • Maidservant Martha
  • Smith and Joan
  • The Doctor vs. John Smith

Download a free e-book version of the Human Nature novel from

Next time: Doctor Who 3×9 The Family of Blood and Buffy 3×3 Faith, Hope & Trick.

Episode 36 – Someone Worth Believing In

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 3×7 42 and Buffy 3×1 Anne.


Written by Chris Chibnall; Directed by Graham Harper

The clock is ticking and the Doctor and Martha have 42 minutes to fix the engine of a space cargo ship which is crashing into a star.  Discussion points include:

  • Douglas Adams’ “answer to life, the universe and everything”
  • 24 and real-time TV
  • Parallels to “The Impossible Planet”
  • Martha earns her stripes
  • The Doctor shows a vulnerable side
  • Eavesdropping and communication

Written and directed by Joss Whedon

Having run away, Buffy lives a difficult life in a seedy part of LA while the Scoobies try to control the local vampires in her absence. Discussion Points Include:

  • The increasing ambition of the production team
  • A glimpse at post-high school life
  • Anne, Lily, Chantarelle and Sister Sunshine: The power of names
  • Multiverses and time distortion
  • The Scoobies fight the good fight
  • Joyce blames Giles

Next time: Buffy 3×2 Dead Man’s Party and Doctor Who 3×8 Human Nature.