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Episode 44 – I Don’t Wish, I Act

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 4×1 Partners in Crime and Buffy 3×9 The Wish.

Partners in Crime

Written by Russell T. Davies; Directed by James Strong

Brief companion Donna Noble goes in search of the Doctor and uncovers a bizarre alien plot to breed via diet pills. Discussion Points Include:

  • A brief history of farce
  • Parallel investigators
  • The Adipose: Cute or creepy?
  • The reintroduction of Donna Noble
  • Dreaming and stargazing
  • “You’re not mating with me, sunshine!”
The Wish

Written by Marti Noxon; Directed by David Greenwalt

Cordelia wishes that Buffy never came to Sunnydale, spinning the Scoobies into a frightening alternate reality. Discussion points include:

  • Cathartic wish-fulfillment for both writers and characters
  • Anya the “scary, veiny good fairy”
  • Cordy and subverted expectations
  • Vamp!Willow & Xander
  • Non-Sunnydale Buffy
  • Giles to the rescue

Next time: Buffy 3×10 Amends and Doctor Who 4×2 The Fires of Pompeii


Episode 43 – Can You Stop Me Falling?

Note on the audio: We had some audio syncing issues this week. Please forgive us for any oddities. If Kat laughs in a couple weird places, just go with it; it’s probably Curt’s fault.

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×8 Lovers Walk and Doctor Who 4×0 Voyage of the Damned

Lovers Walk

Written by Dan Vebber; Directed by David Semel

Spike makes a chaotic return to Sunnydale and serves as a catalyst for all sorts of confrontations between the Scoobies. Discussion Points Include:

  • What does “Lovers Walk” mean?
  • Callbacks and continuity
  • Spike catalyzes couples in crisis
  • Spike’s mixture of humor and danger
  • Angelic ambiguity
  • The breaking of the quadrangle
Voyage of the Damned

Written by Douglas Petrie; Directed by James A. Contner

The Doctor winds up on the doomed vessel Starship Titanic.  Discussion points include:

  • The Doctor stumbles Starship Titanic
  • Potential companion Astrid
  • The selfish rich vs. the penniless dreamers
  • Doctor Who does a disaster movie
  • Self-sacrifice and unfulfilled potential
  • The Doctor’s increasing frustration in the face of death

Next time: Doctor Who 4×1 Partners in Crime and Buffy 3×9 The Wish.

Doctor Who Series 3 Recap: Greatest Monsters of Them All

In this special bonus episode, we take some time to discuss the third series of Doctor Who as a whole.

Discussion Points Include:

  • Kat and Curt’s favorite episodes of the second season
  • The Doctor’s questionable behavior
  • The theme of rejection
  • Jack’s development & Torchwood crossovers
  • “Time Crash”

Don’t forget to watch the short episode “Time Crash”!

Next time: Buffy 3×8 Lovers Walk and Doctor 4×0 Voyage of the Damned.

Episode 42 – You Don’t Look Like a Killer to Me

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 3×13 Last of the Time Lords and Buffy 3×7 Revelations

Last of the Time Lords

Written by Russell T. Davies; Directed by Colin Teague

It’s up to Martha to save the world as the Doctor, Jack, and the Joneses are all held prisoner by the Master. Discussion Points Include:

  • The Face of Boe: Revelations and Controversies
  • Jumping forward in and rewriting time
  • Legends and the power of words
  • Martha’s new-found self-respect
  • The Master’s defeat and triumph
  • The Doctor’s many losses

Bonus: Make sure you watch this short episode, “Time Crash,” for the series 3 recap discussion.


Written by Douglas Petrie; Directed by James A. Contner

Faith’s new Watcher arrives in Sunnydale, dredging up Faith’s trust issues and challenging Buffy and Giles.  Discussion points include:

  • Faith’s trust issues
  • Blinded by love and hatred
  • Watcher mythology
  • Buffy’s lack of respect for Giles
  • Xander and Willow’s tryst
  • Averted revelations

Next time: The Doctor Who series 3 recap discussion.

Episode 41 – C: All Systems Tend Toward Chaos

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×6 Band Candy and Doctor Who 3×12 The Sound of Drums

Band Candy

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Michael Lange

When the adults of Sunnydale magically regress to their adolescent selves, Buffy is forced into responsibility.  Discussion points include:

  • The introduction of Jane Espenson
  • Regression, adolescence, and immaturity
  • Added depth and shallowness in Giles and Joyce
  • “Just call me Snyder”
  • Ethan, Trick, and the Mayor
  • Secrets, lies, and sexual tension
The Sound of Drums

Written by Russell T. Davies; Directed by Colin Teague

The Doctor and friends make it back to 2007 to find that the Master has become the British Prime Minister. Discussion Points Include:

  • The Master & Harold Saxon
  • The mythical Toclafane
  • Faithful companion Lucy and caricaturish President Winters
  • The Doctor’s questionable desire to save the Master
  • The significance of running
  • Put-upon Martha and loyal Jack

Next time: Doctor Who 3×13 Last of the Time Lords and Buffy 3×7 Revelations.

Episode 40 – Long Story, Got Hunted

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 3×11 Utopia and Buffy 3×5 Homecoming


Written by Russell T Davies; Directed by Graeme Harper

Captain Jack is back and the TARDIS takes the Doctor and crew all the way to the end of the universe just to shake him off.  Discussion points include:

  • Narrative complexity and thematic convergence
  • The multifaceted relationship of Jack and the Doctor
  • Why is Jack’s immortality wrong (or is it?)
  • “No place” and the end of the universe
  • Fear of The Master and the Time Lords
  • Reconciliation, rejection, and Rose

Written and directed by David Greenwalt

Mr. Trick organizes Slayerfest ’98, driving Buffy and Cordelia in a cabin in the woods on Homecoming night. Discussion Points Include:

  • The Cabin Scenario
  • Buffy and Cordy’s mutual envy, respect, and competition
  • The first annual Slayerfest
  • The emphatically ordinary Mayor
  • What’s the point of Scott’s dashed hopes?
  • Willow and Xander “spin the group dynamic out of orbit”

Next time: Buffy 3×6 Band Candy and Doctor Who 3×12 The Sound of Drums.