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Episode 52 – Still My Girl

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 4×9 Forest of the Dead and Buffy 3×17 Enemies

Forest of the Dead

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor and River take on the deadly Vashta Nerada and try to work out the secrets of the Library. Discussion points include:

  • “Everybody lives”: Ambiguity, sadness, and death
  • Minds, memories, and meta-fiction
  • “Nostalgia for the future”
  • CAL and Dr. Moon “save” people
  • Donna’s cyber-family
  • The Doctor and River’s circular relationship

Written by Douglas Petrie; Directed by David Grossman

Faith’s allegiances are put to the test. Discussion points include:

  • Friends or foes?
  • Faith and Angel con each other
  • “The fine line between Angel and Angelus”
  • Faith as Buffy’s shadow
  • Do Faith and the Mayor really care for each other?
  • Rounding out the Scoobies

Next time: A very special Anniversary Bonus Episode.


Episode 51 – I Like Books Because I’m Shy

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×16 Doppelgangland and Doctor Who 4×8 Silence in the Library


Written and directed by Joss Whedon

While trying to retrieve Anya’s amulet, she and Willow accidentally summon Vampire Willow from the Wishverse. Discussion points include:

  • What is the essence of Willow?
  • Old Reliable
  • Personalities and souls
  • Willow interacts with herself
  • Bored girls
  • Cordy seeks Wesley
Silence in the Library

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor and Donna are called to the biggest library in the universe by the mysterious Professor River Song. Discussion points include:

  • The Moffat era approaches
  • The Library, the girl, and meta-fiction
  • Spoilers: A peak into the future with River Song
  • Where is Donna in the future?
  • Miss Evangelista’s pitiful death
  • Mr. Lux and his team

Next time: Doctor 4×9 Forest of the Dead and Buffy 3×17 Enemies.

Episode 50 – Why Don’t We Phone the Real Police?

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 4×7 The Unicorn and the Wasp and Buffy 3×15 Consequences

The Unicorn and the Wasp

Written by Gareth Roberts; Directed by Graeme Harper

The Doctor and Donna join Agatha Christie for a murder mystery dinner party. But whodunnit? Discussion points include:

  • Literary homage and period humor
  • “I’m British, I carry on”
  • Murder mysteries and motives
  • The morality of Agatha Christie
  • Agatha’s missing memories
  • The hilarious poisoning scene

Written by Marti Noxon; Directed by Michael Gershman

Faith and Buffy face the repercussions of Alan’s death. Discussion points include:

  • Faith’s downward spiral
  • Faith bullies Buffy
  • The disturbing pseudo-rape
  • Angel’s interrogation
  • The Watchers’ questionable actions
  • Willow’s bonds with Buffy and Xander

Next time: Buffy 3×16 Doppelgangland and Doctor Who 4×8 Silence in the Library.

Episode 49 – How Are We Different?

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×14 Bad Girls and Doctor Who 4×6 The Doctor’s Daughter

Bad Girls

Written by Douglas Petrie; Directed by Michael Lange

Buffy grows closer to Faith while the two of them test their boundaries as Slayers. Discussion points include:

  • Three words times three
  • Life without rules and boundaries
  • Buffy vs. Faith: Reason vs. Instinct
  • Does Faith feel remorse?
  • Alan, the Mayor and Balthazar
  • The ineffectual Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
The Doctor’s Daughter

Written by Stephen Greenhorn; Directed by Alice Troughton

The Doctor, Donna, and Marha find themselves in the middle of a civil war and the Doctor finds an unexpected progeny. Discussion points include:

  • Recursive influence and off-screen romance
  • The Doctor’s sort-of cloned daughter
  • “Children of the machine”: The necessity of memory and experience
  • The Doctor’s familial love and loss
  • Would the Doctor never?
  • Passing the torch: Donna and Martha

Next time: Doctor Who 4×7 The Unicorn and the Wasp and Buffy 3×15 Consequences.