Adding Angel to the mix

As we announced on our recent anniversary episode, after wrapping up Buffy Season 3, we are going to alternate episodes of Buffy and Angel, which began its first season as Buffy started its fourth.

We considered several other options — finishing the entire Buffy series before watching Angel; alternating seasons instead of episodes; ignoring Angel altogether — but none of these seem as palatable to us as interleaving the episodes. Our (or rather, Curt’s) reasoning is two-fold.

Given that our podcast is a rewatch, our concept from the beginning has been to watch the stories as they unfold. When possible, we want to stick to the original order in which the stories aired (with some exceptions, such as “Earshot”). The shows themselves were originally broadcast with interleaved episodes, and rewatching them that way makes sense to us given our podcast conceit.

More importantly, although Buffy and Angel are different shows with distinct tones and arcs, they share a number of story crossovers and plot entanglements that are important to both shows, especially in the early seasons of Angel, when many of the series’ writers were brought over from Buffy. In our (or at least Curt’s) view, not watching Angel alongside Buffy means we would be getting only part of the story.

Perhaps none of this needs justification. But we wanted to say something more than, “It’s our podcast, we’ll do what we want!” We hope all this makes sense. If not — well, we’re okay with being nonsensical.

As always, we’ll be sure to put the names and numbers of upcoming episodes at the bottom of each podcast blog post so that there’s no confusion.


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