Episode 53 – All She’s Got Is Our Voices

Episodes discussed: Buffy 3×18 Earshot and Doctor Who 4×10 Midnight.


Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Regis Kimble

Buffy enjoys the sudden ability to hear her schoolmates’ thoughts they take a shocking and disturbing turn. Discussion points include:

  • Unfortunate real-world circumstances
  • Just what is Ascension?
  • Repressed Jonathan
  • “Everyone is dealing with their own [pain]”
  • The people on the fringes
  • The deafening cacophony of thoughts

Written by Russell T. Davies; Directed by Alice Troughton

The Doctor “takes a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight. What could possibly go wrong?” Discussion points include:

  • Theatricality and simplicity
  • Companion-lite and comforting Donna
  • Midnight: Transition, the witching hour, and the alchemical Nigredo
  • The terrifyingly unknowable Midnight Entity monster
  • The worst aspects of humanity
  • Stripping the Doctor down

Next time: Doctor Who 4×11 Turn Left and Buffy 3×19 Choices.


About Katherine Sas

I graduated from Messiah College in 2009 with a B.A. in English Literature. I'm a student of all things arts and humanities, in particular Tolkien, the Inklings, and the fantastic and imaginative tradition in storytelling.

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