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Episode 68 – Some Scraps for the Homely Looking Fellas

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 5×6 The Vampires of Venice and Angel 1×5 Rm w/ a Vu

The Vampires of Venice

Written by Toby Whithouse; Directed by Jonny Campbell

The Doctor interrupts Rory’s stag night to take him and Amy on a romantic date to medieval (vampire infested) Venice. Discussion points include:

  • Toby Whithouse & parallels to “School Reunion”
  • Rory’s initiation
  • Safety vs. adventure
  • Amy’s ambivalence about her boys
  • The Eleventh Doctor’s social skills
  • Fish from space
Flesh and Stone

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Scott McGinnis

Doyle helps Cordy find a too-good-to-be-true, rent-controlled, and ghost haunted apartment. Discussion points include:

  • Comedy and drama
  • Angel and Cordy’s lovers’ spat
  • The ghostly apartment
  • Perspectives on the “bitch” scene
  • Cordy’s anti-redemption
  • “The past – she don’t let you go”

Next time: Buffy 4×6 Wild at Heart and Doctor Who 5×7 Amy’s Choice.

Episode 67 – The Pleasure Principle

Episodes discussed: Buffy 4×5 Beer Bad and Doctor Who 5×5 Flesh and Stone

Beer Bad

Written by Tracey Forbes; Directed by David Solomon

Some spiked beer sets Buffy and her fellow students free to indulge in their basest urges.

  • Is “Beer Bad” all that bad?
  • The moral of the week
  • Impulses and desires
  • Riley and Parker
  • The Willow-Oz-Veruca triangle
  • Pretension and class conflict
Flesh and Stone

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Adam Smith

The Doctor and his friends climb through the crashed Byzantium pursued by Weeping Angels and the mysterious crack in time. Discussion points include:

  • Amy gets frisky with the Doctor
  • The Crack, erased memories, and unwritten time
  • Amy’s trust in the Doctor
  • The Angels bend the rules
  • River’s crime and incarceration
  • Callbacks and parallels to past episodes

Next time:  Doctor Who 5×6 The Vampires of Venice and Angel 1×5 Rm w/ a Vu.

Episode 66 – Beware What May Enter There

Episodes discussed: Angel 1×4 I Fall to Pieces and Doctor Who 5×4 The Time of Angels

The Time of Angels

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Adam Smith

River Song returns and recruits the Doctor to take on the Weeping Angels. Discussion points include:

  • The Angels: Images, physical danger, and emotional manipulation
  • River the adventuring femme fatale
  • River’s crime
  • The tripartite relationship of the Doctor, River, and Amy
  • Amy’s baptism by fire
  • The Eleventh Doctor’s characterization
I Fall to Pieces

Written by David Greenwalt; Directed by Vern Gillum

The team assist a woman who he is being stalked by her doctor, while Doyle urges Angel to charge his clients. Discussion points include:

  • Creepy stalkers
  • Does the metaphor work?
  • The mundane fake-out
  • Kate and Angel (awkwardly) team up
  • Angel’s chivalry vs. Doyle’s practicality
  • Angel’s insight into the villain

Next time:  Doctor Who 5×5 Flesh and Stone and Buffy 4×5 Beer Bad.

Episode 65 – Keep Buggering On!

Episodes discussed: Buffy 4×4 Fear, Itself and Doctor Who 5×3 Victory of the Daleks

Fear, Itself

Written by David Fury; Directed by Tucker Gates

The Scooby Gang’s worst fears become manifest in a Halloween haunted house. Discussion points include:

  • Comparisons with Harry Potter
  • Millennial anxiety and paranoia
  • Buffy’s “post-Parker depression” and fear of abandonment
  • Willow’s magical worries and Oz’s loss of control
  • Xander the average townie
  • Anya’s leporiphobia and concern for Xander
Victory of the Daleks

Written by Mark Gatiss; Directed by Andrew Gunn

It’s World War II London during the Blitz, and Winston Churchill has teamed up with some unlikely allies. Discussion points include:

  • Winston Spencer Churchill
  • The monkey wrench vs. the jammie dodger
  • The Doctor and Amy’s different perspectives on pain and life
  • Amy gets left behind
  • Missing memories and wibbly timelines
  • iDaleks

Next time:  Angel 1×4 I Fall to Pieces and Doctor Who 5×4 The Time of Angels.