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Episode 76 – We’re All Stories In the End

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who Series 5 Recap and Angel 1×9 Hero

Doctor Who Series 5 Recap

We discuss our favorite episodes, some overarching themes, and our impressions of the first season of the Moffat/Smith/Eleventh Doctor era. Discussion points include:

  • Critical and popular reception
  • Kat and Curt’s favorite episodes
  • Seasonal structure
  • An unusually happy ending
  • Is Doctor Who a comedy or tragedy?
  • Eleven’s bow tie and River’s mystery

Written by Howard Gordon & Tim Minear; Directed by Tucker Gates

Angel, Doyle and Cordy assist a group of half-demons fleeing a violent cult of demonic purists. Discussion points include:

  • Glenn Quinn’s exit and real-world tragedy
  • Doyle’s intensity and darkness
  • Doyle’s reluctant heroism
  • Doyle’s lasting influence on the story
  • Cordy’s decreasing shallowness
  • Nazi parallels and nuanced religion

Next time: Doctor Who 6×0 A Christmas Carol and Buffy 4×10 Hush.

Episode 75 – The Bluest Blue Ever

Episodes discussed: Buffy 4×9 Something Blue and Doctor Who 5×13 The Big Bang

Something Blue

Written Tracey Forbes; Directed by Nick Marck

Sick of being a victim, Willow does a spell to bend reality to her will…to hilarious effect. Discussion points include:

  • Willow is our something blue
  • Romantic notions of magic
  • Buffy/Spike (Spuffy?) shipping
  • Buffy and her bad boys
  • The nonchalant vengeance demons
  • Spike’s tenuous position
The Big Bang

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Toby Haynes

All of time is being slowly erased, with the Doctor and his companions at the eye of the storm. Discussion points include:

  • “This is where it gets complicated”
  • Escalating threats and causal loops
  • Meta-fiction and stories
  • The lone Mr. Centurion Pond who waited
  • A happy ending (for once)!
  • Rule 1: The Doctor and River lie

Next time: Doctor Who Series 5 Recap and Angel 1×9 Hero.

Episode 74 – How Could I Ever Forget You?

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 5×12 The Pandorica Opens and Angel 1×8 I Will Remember You

The Pandorica Opens

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Toby Haynes

The Doctor and Amy travel to Roman-occupied Britain to investigate the mythical Pandorica. Discussion points include:

  • The seasonal tour and puzzle boxes
  • The tale of the Pandorica
  • The monster alliance to stop the Doctor
  • Where do we go from here?
  • Rory the plastic Roman
  • Why doesn’t Amy’s life make sense?
I Will Remember You

Written by David Greenwalt & Jeannine Renshaw; Directed by David Grossman

A brush with some demon blood gives Angel back his soul and a chance for a normal life with Buffy. Discussion points include:

  • Distance and forgetfulness
  • Buffy gets her dream of normality
  • Angel’s tragic flaw
  • “The best Buffy episode never made”
  • The benevolent Oracles
  • What is Doyle’s relationship to TPTB?

Next time: Buffy 4×9 Something Blue and Doctor Who 5×13 The Big Bang.

Episode 73 – You’re Weird and You Can Cook

Episodes discussed:  Buffy 4×8 Pangs and Doctor Who 5×11 The Lodger


Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Michael Lange

Buffy’s first Thanksgiving gets interrupted by the ghost of a vengeful Native American warrior. Discussion points include:

  • Thanksgiving themes
  • Colonialist controversy
  • The spectrum of opinions
  • Anya’s lust and the complicated Willow/Xander dynamic
  • Poor, lonely, forlorn Spike
  • Rivalry and crossover
The Lodger

Written by Gareth Roberts; Directed by Catherine Morshead

When the TARDIS disappears with Amy, the Doctor must pass as a normal young man. Discussion points include:

  • Gareth Roberts’ comic strip
  • Sitcom tropes and romcom cliches
  • Does Amy remember the ring?
  • Eleven tries to pass for human
  • Craig and Sophie work out their feelings
  • A mysterious new TARDIS

Link: Gareth Roberts’ original Doctor Who Magazine comic strip “The Lodger”

Next time: Doctor Who 5×12 The Pandorica Opens and Angel 1×8 I Will Remember You.