Episode 121 – We Have to Take Care of Her

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×9 Listening to Fear and Doctor Who 8×7 Kill the Moon

Listening to Fear

Written by Rebecca Rand Krishner; Directed by David Solomon

Joyce suffers hallucinations as a lunar meteorite brings a demon who attacks the mentally ill. Discussion points include:

  • Joyce’s worsening condition
  • Joyce’s lunacy
  • Riley calls the military’s E.T. department
  • Ben and the Queller Demon
  • Buffy breaks down
  • Precious Dawn & “cheating” Riley
The Shroud of Rahmon

Written by Peter Harness; Directed by Paul Wilmhurst

The Doctor and Clara end up on the moon where something is (quite literally) hatching. Discussion points includes:

  • Peter Harness and controversy
  • The life/choice subtext
  • “It’s your choice, womankind”
  • What is Clara’s position?
  • Clara takes her leave of the TARDIS
  • The Doctor abstains

Link: Philip Sandifer interviews Peter Harness on “Kill the Moon” and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (spoiler warning for both)

Next time: Doctor Who 8×8 Mummy on the Orient Express and Angel 2×9 The Trial.


About Katherine Sas

Graduate of Messiah College and Signum University with degrees in literature. I'm a student of the imaginative literature, TV, and film, particularly Tolkien and the Inklings, Doctor Who, and the fairy tale tradition.

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