Episode 143 – Do We Know Where We’re Going Yet?

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×20 Spiral and the Introduction to BSG


Written by Steven S. DeKnight; Directed by James A. Contner

The Scoobies flee Glory and end up besieged in an abandoned gas station. Discussion points include:

  • The pit-stop cabin scenario
  • The Western last stand
  • The Romantic clerics
  • It doesn’t matter where you came from
  • Ben’s recklessness and Buffy’s resignation
  • The gamut of Scoobies

Link: Curtis’ paper Exploring the Cabins in the Whedonverse Woods published in Slayage.

Introduction to Battlestar Galactica

We talk about the history of BSG, as well as our own histories with it. Discussion points includes:

  • Our histories with BSG
  • Reviving another old TV property
  • Noteworthy personnel
  • Joss gushes
  • Critical acclaim

Link to the BSG Series Bible: The “Mission Statement” written by Ron Moore is on pages 1-3.

Next time: BSG Miniseries Part 1 and Angel 2×20 Over the Rainbow.


About Katherine Sas

Graduate of Messiah College and Signum University with degrees in literature. I'm a student of the imaginative literature, TV, and film, particularly Tolkien and the Inklings, Doctor Who, and the fairy tale tradition.

2 thoughts on “Episode 143 – Do We Know Where We’re Going Yet?

  1. Oh, good! I was looking forward to you starting BSG, as I stopped watching Who from Capaldi’s first episode (not entirely down to him, it was just that he didn’t engage me enough to counter-balance my extreme dislike of Moffat, and I just loathed Clara as a character. Before, I really disliked Moffat but loved Matt Smith & co so it kept me going).

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