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Episode 157 – I Wake Up in the Morning and Wonder Who I Am

Episodes discussed: Angel 3×4 Carpe Noctem and BSG 1×12 Kobol’s Last Gleaming: Part 1

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-44:35; BSG 44:35 to the end

Carpe Noctem

Written by Scott Murphy; Directed by James A. Contner

Angel switches bodies with an old dude. Discussion points include:

  • A rather thin monster of the week
  • Letting Angel act out of character
  • Fred’s idea of a deep person
  • Humor at Wesley’s expense
  • Infighting at Wolfram & Hart
  • “Reunion”

Link to the Buffy comic Reunion published by Dark Horse.

Kobol’s Last Gleaming: Part 1

Written by Ronald D. Moore, Story by David Eick; Directed by Michael Rymer

Roslin and Adama disagree on the next course of action. Discussion points includes:

  • The metaphorical prologue
  • The Adamas (not) sparring
  • Crashdown crashes down
  • Roslin becomes a true believer
  • Polite disagreement
  • Baltar’s new low

Next time: BSG 1×13 Kobol’s Last Gleaming: Part 2 and Buffy 6×04 Flooded.


Episode 156 – Going Through the Motions of Our Old Lives

Episodes discussed: BSG 1×11 Colonial Day and Buffy 6×3 After Life

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:04:45; Buffy 1:04:45 to the end

Colonial Day

Written by Carla Robinson; Directed by Jonas Pate

Roslin is forced to court a Vice President during the fleet’s celebration of a national holiday. Discussion points include:

  • Recent history, national holidays, and patriotism
  • A wider view of the fleet
  • Bernie + Trump = Zarek
  • Appearances are deceiving
  • Zarek’s good points
  • Roslin’s politicking
After Life

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by David Solomon

Buffy brings something back with her from the other side. Discussion points includes:

  • The consequences of magic
  • A potential origin for demon-kind?
  • How Buffy’s return affects everyone
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Dawn the caretaker
  • Buffy’s lie

Next time: Angel 3×4 Carpe Noctem and BSG 1×12 Kobol’s Last Gleaming: Part 1.

Episode 155 – It’s About the Mission, Bro

Episodes discussed: Angel 3×3 That Old Gang of Mine and BSG 1×10 The Hand of God

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-58:50r; BSG 58:50 to the end

That Old Gang of Mine

Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Frederick King Keller

Gunn two crews end up in conflict. Discussion points include:

  • Unfocused direction and problematic characterization
  • Gunn’s internal conflict
  • Wesley’s coldness and authority
  • “He’s got the mission”
  • What are they loyal to?
  • Fred’s awkwardness and intellect
The Hand of God

Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; Directed by Jeff Woolnough

The crew of the BSG take a risk when trying to steal fuel from the Cylons. Discussion points includes:

  • “The Big Mac”
  • Who is “the hand of God”?
  • The next crisis of resources
  • Striking first for the first time
  • Starbuck and Apollo switch roles
  • The big musical finish

Listen to the song “Wander My Friends” by composer Bear McCreary and read his notes about the “Adama Theme” here.

Bear McCreary’s Google Talk is below. Beware of spoilers for the future of BSG!

Next time: BSG 1×11 Colonial Day and Buffy 6×3 After Life.