Episode 161 – We Don’t Live in Normal Circumstances

Episodes discussed: Angel 3×6 Billy and BSG 2×2 Valley of Darkness

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-1:05:30; BSG 1:05:30 to the end


Written by Tim Minear & Jeffrey Bell; Directed by David Grossman

Billy, who Angel set free from imprisonment by The Powers That Be, comes back to cause trouble for Angel’s friends. Discussion points include:

  • Billy, the (evil) boy next door
  • Powerful family ties
  • A darker form of misogyny
  • Cordy’s empowerment
  • Lilah the battered woman turned hero
  • “You just keep laughing”
Valley of Darkness

Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; Directed by Michael Rymer

The Cylons invade the Galactica while the Kobol mission deteriorates. Discussion points includes:

  • The CIC’s longest day ever
  • Horror in the belly of Galactica
  • Billy and Dee’s false starts
  • Tigh and Lee’s acknowledgment
  • A trip into Starbuck’s past
  • Baltar’s dream baby

Next time: BSG 2×3 Fragged and Buffy 6×6 All the Way.


About Katherine Sas

Graduate of Messiah College and Signum University with degrees in literature. I'm a student of the imaginative literature, TV, and film, particularly Tolkien and the Inklings, Doctor Who, and the fairy tale tradition.

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