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Episode 201 – I Am So Sick of My Chin Being Up

Episodes discussed: Angel 4×2 Ground State and the BSG Season 3 Recap

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-1:12:35; BSG 1:12:35to the end

Ground State

Written by Mere Smith; Directed by Michael Grossman

In the pursuit of finding Cordy Angel encounters a young woman with shocking superpowers. Discussion points include:

  • Angel and Wesley’s non-reconciliation
  • Wesley’s minions
  • The roguish Gwen
  • Finding connection in isolation
  • Cordy’s state of boredom
  • Gunn’s near-death experience
BSG Season 3 Recap

We recap the broader themes and character development of BSG season 3. Discussion points includes:

  • The festering wounds of New Caprica
  • Forgiveness
  • The slow burn of mythology
  • Mediocre slice-of-life episodes
  • Mixed reviews
  • The final push towards Earth

Next time: BSG 4×1/4×2 Razor and Buffy 7×4 Help.

Anniversary Bonus Episode – Everybody’s Got a Story

This week we take a break from our regular episode analysis to celebrate the fourth anniversary and 200th episode of this podcast with a free-flowing discussion on diversity in sci-fi and fantasy.

Discussion points include:

  • How to critique shows from a different time
  • Is it always appropriate?
  • Game of Thrones and Confederate
  • Hiring the best person for the part
  • Race-relations in BSG and representation in Buffy
  • Reactions to the first female Doctor
  • The influence of Le Guin and Heinlein
  • The danger of expecting perfection
  • Whedon, Xander, and feminism
  • Extra-bonus discussion of the recent news related to Joss Whedon and Cai Kole (aka “Jossgate”)


Next time: Angel 4×2 Ground State and the BSG Season 3 Season Recap.

Episode 200 – It’s Nice to be Forgiven—Too Bad I Need So Much of It

Episodes discussed: BSG 3×19 Crossroads: Part 2 and Buffy 7×3 Same Time, Same Place

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:38:00; Buffy 1:38:00 to the end

Crossroads: Part 2

Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by Michael Rymer

The result of Baltar’s trial is revealed and the mysterious music leads to a game-changing revelation. Discussion points include:

  • Losing because he’s winning
  • Gaeta’s perjury
  • Lee’s epic testimony
  • Roslin’s hatred of Baltar
  • The Penultimate Four
  • “All Along the Watchtower”


Same Time, Same Place

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by James A. Contner

Willow’s return home results in dangerous misunderstandings. Discussion points includes:

  • Super-creepy Gnarl and Camden Toy
  • Willow checks out of rehab early
  • Scavenger Spike
  • The joy of the kill
  • Everyone forced to confront their issues
  • Is Anya still part of the group?

Next time: Our special 200th episode/four year anniversary bonus episode!

Episode 199 – I Love You, Now Get Out of My House

Episodes discussed: Angel 4×1 Deep Down and BSG 3×18 Crossroads: Part 1

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-1:12:50; BSG 1:12:50 to the end

Deep Down

Written by Steven S. DeKnight; Directed by Terrence O’Hara

Fred and Gunn try to hold down the fort while also searching for the missing Angel and Cordelia. Discussion points include:

  • Fred & Gunn holding it together
  • Connor’s surly teenage phase
  • Wesley & Lilah (and Justine in the closet)
  • Angel’s Greek hell
  • Tough dad love
  • Fred’s fury and Cordy’s boredom
Crossroads: Part 1

Written by Michael Taylor; Directed by Michael Rymer

The trial of Gaius Baltar begins. Discussion points includes:

  • Figuring out the Cylon game-plan
  • Lampkin makes his case
  • Disastrous testimonies
  • Adama’s unhealthy relationships
  • Scapegoats and broken systems

Next time: BSG 3×19 Crossroads: Part 2 and Buffy 7×3 Same Time, Same Place.

Episode 198 – Just a Guy Who Can Lend a Hand

Episodes discussed: BSG 3×18 The Son Also Rises and Buffy 7×2 Beneath You

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:09:10; Buffy 1:09:10 to the end

The Son Also Rises

Written by Michael Angeli; Directed by Robert Young

While assigned to Baltar’s security team, Lee becomes drawn into his legal defense. Discussion points include:

  • Hemingway and puns
  • Starbuck repercussions
  • Fleet law
  • The overly-quirky Romo Lampkin
  • Principled, idealist Lee
  • Love and pain
Beneath You

Written by Doug Petrie; Directed by Nick Marck

Xander encounters a woman who is being pursued by a worm-demon. Discussion points includes:

  • Another prologue! Another Slayer!
  • “From beneath you it devours”
  • Ambiguous attitudes toward Willow
  • Anya vs Xander vs Spike vs Buffy
  • Scary Dawn
  • Spike’s breakdown

Next time: Angel 4×1 Deep Down and BSG 3×18 Crossroads: Part 1.