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Episode 223 – I’m Not Crossing That Line

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×15 Get it Done and BSG 4×22 Daybreak: Part 2

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:07:10; BSG 1:07:10 to the end

Get It Done

Written and Directed by Doug Petrie

Buffy learns more about the origins of the First Slayer. Discussion points include:

  • “Call me Robin”
  • Drill sergeant Kennedy
  • The First targets Chloe
  • Buffy toughens up
  • Stop holding back
  • The origin myth
Daybreak: Part 2

Written by Ronald D. Moore; Directed by  Michael Rymer

The mission to rescue Hera gets underway. (Note: Part 2 pauses at 1:14:16 in the feature-length Blu-ray version.)Discussion points includes:

  • The big, action climax
  • Adama’s character assassination
  • The CIC’s transformation
  • Baltar’s BS saves the day
  • Touched by an angel
  • Farewells to supporting characters

Next time: BSG 4×23 Daybreak: Part 3 and Buffy 7×16 Storyteller.


Episode 221 – Everyone Is Hearing the Drumbeat

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×14 First Date and BSG 4×12 Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-58:40; BSG 58:40 to the end

First Date

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by David Grossman

Buffy and Principal Wood grow more interested in each other, in more ways than one. Discussion points include:

  • “He’s hot, but he could be evil”
  • Another Slayer with family and friends
  • Of course, Xander’s new flame is demonic
  • The end of standalones
  • The big date
  • Andrew’s baby steps
Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Written by Michael Taylor; Directed by Edward James Olmos

As the Galactica continues to fall apart, Baltar exposes Kara’s secret. Discussion points includes:

  • Hera’s predicament
  • Forgiveness for Boomer & Tyrol
  • Adama & BSG’s symbiosis
  • Helo’s plea
  • Kara’s rut
  • Baltar is doing all right

Next time: BSG 4×21 Daybreak: Part 1 and Angel 4×12 Calvary.

Episode 219 – Just One Soul Touching Another

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×13 The Killer in Me and BSG 4×18 Deadlock

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:22:37; BSG 1:22:37 to the end

The Killer in Me

Written by Drew Z. Greenberg; Directed by David Solomon

A mysterious spell causes Willow to take on the appearance of Warren. Discussion points include:

  • Kennedy’s privilege
  • Willow’s guilt
  • Bringing Warren out in Willow
  • Amy’s last hurrah
  • “Just like in fairy-tales”
  • Spike’s chip and Giles’ touch

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Robert M. Young

The return of Ellen to the Fleet causes conflict between Tigh and Caprica Six. Discussion points includes:

  • Ellen comes back from the dead (again)
  • The importance of love
  • Tyrol’s loyalties
  • Adama’s great love affair
  • “More guns, bigger guns!”
  • Baltar makes an effort

Next time: BSG 4×19 Someone to Watch Over Me and Angel 4×11 Soulless.

Episode 216 – Nobody’s Watching Me

Episodes discussed: BSG 4×15 The Oath and Buffy 7×12 Potential

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:19:00; Buffy 1:19:00 to the end

The Oath

Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by John Dahl

Gaeta and Zarek lead a mutiny against Adama and Roslin. Discussion points include:

  • Too little, too late
  • Zarek takes first blood
  • Unlucky Felix
  • Orchestration and manipulation
  • Getting out of their funk
  • The range of motivations
A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner; Directed by James A. Contner

A spell reveals that Dawn might be a potential Slayer. Discussion points includes:

  • Buffy’s lessons
  • Dawn’s (lack of) specialness
  • Taking the Potentials for a tour
  • Amanda
  • Dawn the Slayer
  • Xander’s empathy

Next time: Angel 4×9 Long Day’s Journey and BSG 4×16 Blood on the Scales.

Episode 214 – You’re on the Verge of Seeing Ghosts

Episodes discussed: BSG Season 4 Webisodes The Face of the Enemy and Buffy 7×11 Showtime

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:12:00; Buffy 1:12:00 to the end

The Face of the Enemy

Written by Jane Espenson & Seamus Kevin Fahey; Directed by Wayne Rose

Tigh sends Gaeta for some R&R which turns into the worst raptor ride ever. Discussion points include:

  • The development of the webisodes
  • Gaeta’s state of mind
  • A softer side of Tigh
  • Prejudice at work
  • A list of names
  • The road to hell…



Written by David Fury; Directed by Michael Grossman

Buffy shows the Potentials what it means to be a Slayer. Discussion points includes:

  • The hierarchy of Potential
  • Eve the First woman
  • The temptation of fear
  • A bit of theater
  • What monsters fear
  • Andrew starts rooting for Buffy

Next time: Angel 4×8 Habeas Corpses and BSG 4×14 A Disquiet Follows My Soul.

Episode 213 – I’m Beyond Tired

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×10 Bring on the Night and BSG 4×13 Sometimes a Great Notion

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:11:25; BSG 1:11:25 to the end

Bring on the Night

Written by Marti Noxon & Doug Petrie; Directed by David Grossman

Buffy and the Scoobies struggle to come to grips with the seemingly impossible task of beating the First. Discussion points include:

  • Visions of Joyce
  • The temptation of rest
  • Andrew’s worldview
  • The Ubervamp
  • Buffy’s plan
  • Giles and the Potentials
Sometimes a Great Notion

Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; Directed by Michael Nankin

“Frak Earth.” Discussion points includes:

  • “To jump in the river and drown”
  • Investigating the nuclear wasteland
  • The Tigh-shaped hole in Adama’s heart
  • Roslin gives up
  • Starbuck finds herself
  • Dee’s despair

Next time: BSG Season 4 Webisodes The Face of the Enemy and Buffy 7×11 Showtime. 

Episode 212 – The Weasel Wants to Sing

Episodes discussed: BSG 4×12 Revelations and Buffy 7×9 Never Leave Me

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:02:15; Buffy 1:02:15 to the end


Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; Directed by Michael Rymer

D’Anna takes human hostages until the Final Five are returned safely to the Cylon baseship. Discussion points include:

  • Secrets revealed and an apocalyptic wasteland
  • Hostage negotiations
  • Tory’s new attitude
  • Tigh’s confession
  • Starbuck’s signal
  • Earth
Never Leave Me

Written by Drew Goddard; Directed by David Solomon

Willow captures Andrew during his preparations for another blood ritual. Discussion points includes:

  • Andrew’s inept villainy
  • Don’t mess with Willow
  • Good cop, bad cop
  • Spike’s faulty chip
  • The First
  • What the heck is up with Principal Wood?

Next time: Buffy 7×10 Bring on the Night and BSG 4×13 Sometimes a Great Notion.

Episode 211 – Just Shut Up, William, and Take Me

AKA The Jane Espenson Happy Fun-Time Podcast Hour!

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×8 Sleeper and BSG 4×11 The Hub

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:11:20; BSG 1:11:20 to the end


Written by Jane Espenson & David Fury; Directed by Alan J. Levi

Buffy investigates Spike’s renewed killing streak. Discussion points include:

  • Trademark Espensonian characterization and humor
  • Sleeper agent Spike
  • Anya’s seduction
  • Triggers
  • The temptation of suicide
  • Giles in peril!
The Hub

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Paul Edwards

Roslin and Baltar accompany the rebel Cylons on their mission to destroy the Resurrection Hub. Discussion points includes:

  • Roslin’s mid-jump projections
  • Helo’s dilemma
  • Unboxing D’Anna
  • Baltar preaches to a Centurion
  • “Nobody blames the flood”
  • Roslin chooses love

Next time: BSG 4×12 Revelations and Buffy 7×9 Never Leave Me.

Episode 209 – Not So Much Connected

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×7 Conversations with Dead People and BSG 4×9 Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:46:46; BSG 1:41:46 to the end

Conversations with Dead People

Written by Jane Espenson & Drew Goddard (with assists from Joss Whedon & Marti Noxon); Directed by Nick Marck

Buffy, Willow and Dawn receive visits from the great beyond while Jonathan and Andrew return to Sunnydale. Discussion points include:

  • Tag-team writing
  • Drawing attention to itself
  • Deceiving Dawn
  • Jonathan’s sacrifice
  • Cassie’s message to Willow
  • Buffy’s therapy session
Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?

Written by Michael Angeli; Directed by Wayne Rose

Natalie seeks to forge a peaceful alliance between the humans and Cylon rebels. Discussion points includes:

  • Racial tension and negotiations
  • Tigh’s (dis)loyalty
  • The gift of death
  • Roslin’s autocracy
  • Athena’s fear
  • Gaeta’s lament


Next time: BSG 4×10 Sine Qua Non and Angel 4×7 Apocalypse, Nowish.

Episode 207 – I Don’t Want to Need Anyone’s Help

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×6 Him and BSG 4×7 The Road Less Traveled

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-51:35; BSG 51:35 to the end


Written by Drew Z. Greenberg; Directed by Michael Gershman

The ladies all fall for a Sunnydale High jock. Discussion points include:

  • What’s the value of a soul?
  • Ambient music
  • Throwback metaphor of the week
  • The power of the jacket
  • Forgiving Anya
  • Criticisms of nice-guy Xander
The Road Less Traveled

Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by Michael Rymer

Starbuck’s conflict with her crew reaches a boiling point. Discussion points includes:

  • Baltar’s prosperity gospel
  • Tyrol’s “taxi driver” phase
  • Living with guilt
  • Baltar’s sincere apology
  • A proposed alliance
  • Mutiny on The Demetrius

Next time: BSG 4×8 Faith and Angel 4×6 Spin the Bottle.