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Episode 239 – Maybe There’s No Point to Any of This At All

Episodes discussed: Angel Season 4 Recap and Doctor Who 10×12 The Doctor Falls

Time Stamp: DW starts 1:20:20

Angel Season 4 Recap

We discuss the broader themes and character development of season 4 of Angel. Discussion points include:

  • The behind-the-scenes drama of season 4
  • Accolades for the season
  • Unfulfilled promise
  • Angel’s fantasy
  • The disappointment of Cordy’s ending
  • Connor’s new life
The Doctor Falls

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Rachel Talalay

Lilah makes the group a bizarre, but tempting, offer. Discussion points include:

  • A new world to defend
  • Nardole’s dedication
  • Sympathy for Bill
  • Missy vs. the Master
  • Cosmic pixie dream girls
  • The Doctor’s last stand

Next time: DW 2017 Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time and Buffy 7×21 End of Days.


Episode 238 – A Positive Attitude Will Help with the Horror to Come

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 10×11 World Enough and Time & Angel 4×22 Home

Time Stamp: Angel starts at 1:04:00

World Enough and Time

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Rachel Talalay

The TARDIS crew are met with a disastrous situation in a spaceship trying to escape a black hole. Discussion points include:

  • Bringing back some old foes
  • Black hole physics and time dilation
  • Missy Who
  • Bill’s shocking fate
  • Razor’s kindness and cruelty
  • The Cyberman who waited

Written and Directed by Tim Minear

Lilah makes the group a bizarre, but tempting, offer. Discussion points include:

  • A new era
  • The fear of selling out
  • Gunn and the black panther
  • Super secret archives and evil R&D
  • Angel and Connor’s choices
  • Cordy wakes up in a coma

Next time: Angel Season 4 Recap and DW 10×12 The Doctor Falls.

Episode 236 – Finding Reasons to Fight

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 10×9 Empress of Mars and Angel 4×21 Peace Out

Time Stamp: Angel starts at 1:10:00

Empress of Mars

Written by Mark Gatiss; Directed by Wayne Yip

Victorian soldiers attempt to colonize Mars. Discussion points include:

  • The weirdest cameo ever
  • Nardole’s participation
  • Martian history
  • Imperialist attitudes
  • Godsacre & Catchlove
  • Yas, Queen
Peace Out

Written by David Fury; Directed by Jefferson Kibbee

Connor searches for Cordy while Angel and crew take on the Jasminites. Discussion points include:

  • The name and the word
  • Does Jasmine believe her own fantasy?
  • Let’s debate Connor’s beliefs
  • Jasmine’s defeat
  • Lilah’s reappearance
  • Now what?

Next time: Buffy 7×20 Touched and DW 10×10 The Eaters of Light.

Episode 234 – You Better Get My Planet Back

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 10×7 The Pyramid at the End of the World and Angel 4×20 Sacrifice

Time Stamp: Angel starts at 57:16

The Pyramid at the End of the World

Written by Peter Harness & Steven Moffat; Directed by Daniel Nettheim

The Monks arrive on Earth and begin their invasion. Discussion points include:

  • Morris or Adams?
  • All roads lead to Turmezistan
  • The Doomsday Clock
  • The Monks as strongman politicians
  • “Consent must be pure”… Okay…
  • The Doctor’s blindness

Written by Ben Edlund; Directed by David Straiton

Connor sticks with Jasmine while the rest of the crew are chased across L.A. Discussion points include:

  • Cordy: still in a coma
  • Cordy’s arc
  • Connor: immune to the blood or sold on the fantasy?
  • In the sewers with a bunch of kids
  • The chatty spider monster
  • Angel crosses over

Next time: Buffy 7×19 Empty Places and DW 10×8 The Lie of the Land.

Episode 233 – Are You Secretly a Badass?

Episodes discussed: Angel 4×19 The Magic Bullet and Doctor Who 10×6 Extremis

Time Stamp: DW starts at 57:16

The Magic Bullet

Written and Directed by Jeffrey Bell

Fred is all alone as the world falls under Jasmine’s spell. Discussion points include:

  • The cult of Jasmine
  • The chosen few
  • Fred alone
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love Jasmine
  • Fred’s badassery
  • Reconversion depression

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Daniel Nettheim

The Vatican asks for the Doctor’s help reading a very dangerous text called Veritas. Discussion points includes:

  • The episode’s baroque structure
  • The execution of Missy
  • Guarding the vault
  • Another sort of religious commentary
  • Bill’s passivity
  • The Monks are coming

Next time: DW 10×7 The Pyramid at the End of the World and Angel 4×20 Sacrifice.

Episode 231 – Hope Is Its Own Form of Cruelty

Episodes discussed: Angel 4×18 Shiny Happy People and Doctor Who 10×4 Knock Knock

Shiny Happy People

Written by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain; Directed by Marita Grabiak

The divinely beautiful lovechild of Cordy and Connor casts a spell over the group. Discussion points include:

  • The divine miss Jasmine
  • An antichrist?
  • Jasmine’s origin myth
  • How central is Angel, really?
  • Lady McFred
  • Fred gets back to her roots
Knock Knock

Written by Mike Bartlett; Directed by Bill Anderson

Bill goes through the hell of trying to rent a house with a group of friends. Discussion points includes:

  • Doctor Who in stereo!
  • Bill’s non-friends
  • The dodgy Landlord
  • Weird familial relationships
  • An unearned eucatastrophe
  • She doesn’t knock

Next time: DW 10×5 Oxygen and Buffy 7×18 Dirty Girls.

Episode 230 – Exactly Like Every Other Day of Your Life

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 10×3 Thin Ice and Angel 4×17 Inside Out

Time Stamps: DW 00:00-1:19:35; Angel 1:19:35 to the end

Thin Ice

Written by Sarah Dollard; Directed by Bill Anderson

The Doctor and Bill visit the last great Frost Fair on the frozen Thames. Discussion points include:

  • The last of the great Frost Fairs
  • Tricking Nardole
  • Our blue planet
  • Industrialism and exploitation
  • Race and gender through the lens of Bill
  • Bill’s inquisition
Inside Out

Written and Directed by Stephen S. DeKnight

Cordelia sets her plans in motion while Angel tries to figure out exactly who or what she really is. Discussion points includes:

  • “Cordy’s” ineptitude
  • Preplanning or retcon?
  • Skip’s metanarrative
  • Saint Cordy
  • What exactly is Connor’s motivation?
  • Darla’s point of view

Next time: DW 10×4 Knock Knock and Angel 4×17 Inside Out.

Episode 229 – It Feels Good to be Doing Good

Episodes discussed: Angel 4×16 Players and Doctor Who 10×2 Smile

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-1:09:30; DW 1:09:30 to the end


Written by Jeffrey Bell, Sarah Fain & Elizabeth Craft; Directed by Michael Grossman

Gunn teams up with Gwen on a side mission to rescue a little girl. Discussion points include:

  • Return to the mission statement
  • Gwen chooses Gunn
  • More than muscle
  • LISA and a liaison…
  • Discomfort with Cordy/Connor
  • Tacitly letting Wesley back in

Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce; Directed by Lawrence Gough

The Doctor and Bill go forward in time to a colony planet maintained by bots who speak in emoji. Discussion points includes:

  • A field trip!
  • The problem with emoji culture
  • Bill’s honest face
  • Erasing memories (again!!!)
  • The magic haddock
  • Nardole the nag

Next time: DW 10×3 Thin Ice and Angel 4×17 Inside Out.

Episode 227 – Who’s the Big Hero Now?

Episodes discussed: Angel 4×15 Orpheus and the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Time Stamps: Angel 00:00-1:17:00; DW 1:17:00 to the end


Written by Mere Smith; Directed by Terrence O’Hara

Faith journeys through Angel’s subconscious in order to save him from Angelus. Discussion points include:

  • Willow!
  • Fred calls in the big guns
  • Willow and Wes compare darknesses
  • Cordy’s desperation
  • Angel’s psyche
  • Shouldn’t it be Morpheus?
The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Ed Bazalgette

The Doctor befriends a little boy who accidentally becomes a superhero. Discussion points includes:

  • Two years later (or is it twenty-four?)…
  • What’s so great about superheroes?
  • Comics and cartoonishness
  • Family values
  • What’s up with Nardole?
  • The escape from loneliness

Next time:DW 10×1 The Pilot and Buffy 7×17 Lies My Parents Told Me.

Episode 226 – As Far as Plans Go, I Make My Own

Episodes discussed: The BSG TV movie The Plan and Angel 4×14 Release

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-59:30; Angel 59:30 to the end

The Plan

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Edward James Olmos

“And they have a plan” … or did they? Discussion points include:

  • The struggles of Syfy
  • Does The Plan work?
  • Sympathy for Boomer
  • Wait, so, what’s the plan?
  • Softening the Cylons
  • Trying to recapture the magic

Written by Steven S. DeKnight, Elizabeth Craft, & Sarah Fain; Directed by James A. Contner;

The Beastmaster makes contact with Angelus. Discussion points includes:

  • The Beastmaster’s omniscience and omnipresence
  • Crossover potential
  • Manipulating Connor
  • Another demon pregnancy
  • Wesley & Faith’s reversal of fortune
  • Lorne’s promotion

Next time: Angel 4×15 Orpheus and the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio.