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Anniversary Bonus Episode – Everybody’s Got a Story

This week we take a break from our regular episode analysis to celebrate the fourth anniversary and 200th episode of this podcast with a free-flowing discussion on diversity in sci-fi and fantasy.

Discussion points include:

  • How to critique shows from a different time
  • Is it always appropriate?
  • Game of Thrones and Confederate
  • Hiring the best person for the part
  • Race-relations in BSG and representation in Buffy
  • Reactions to the first female Doctor
  • The influence of Le Guin and Heinlein
  • The danger of expecting perfection
  • Whedon, Xander, and feminism
  • Extra-bonus discussion of the recent news related to Joss Whedon and Cai Kole (aka “Jossgate”)


Next time: Angel 4×2 Ground State and the BSG Season 3 Season Recap.


Episode 142 – I Never Wanted to Feel Like This

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who Series 9 Recap and Angel 2×19 “Belonging”

Doctor Who Series 9 Recap

We wrap up our journey through Doctor Who (for the time being, anyway) by discussing the themes and character development of Series 9. Discussion points include:

  • Mini-arcs and serialized storytelling
  • Choosing to forget
  • Ashildr’s development
  • Boldness and disappointments with Clara’s story
  • Bringing back the hanged man
  • Wrapping up Who

Written by Shawn Ryan; Directed by Turi Meyer

The team struggles with their individual places in the world. Discussion points includes:

  • Lorne
  • Artistic ambiguities
  • Landok’s Pylean values
  • Cordy’s objectification
  • Recognizing Wesley’s authority
  • Gunn’s choice

Next time: Buffy 5×20 Spiral and the Introduction to BSG.

Episode 141 – Not One Living Thing Is Worth You

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×19 Tough Love and Doctor Who 9×13 The Husbands of River Song

Tough Love

Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner; Directed by David Grossman

Buffy tries to be a strict parent to Dawn while a fight between Tara and Willow makes them vulnerable to Glory. Discussion points include:

  • Buffy leaves school and tries to keep Dawn in school
  • Buffy’s tunnel vision
  • Spike and Dawn’s kindred spirits
  • Willow and Tara’s First Big Fight ™
  • Changes and insecurities
  • Willow’s scary dark magic
The Husbands of River Song

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Douglas Mackinnon

The Doctor gets a glimpse at the other side of River’s life. Discussion points includes:

  • Marriages of convenience
  • Security and doubt
  • Unfettered psychopathy
  • Mature love
  • A full marriage

Next time: Doctor Who Series 9 Recap and Angel 2×19 Belonging.


Episode 140 – And Besides, I’m Leaving

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 9×12 Hell Bent and Angel 2×18 Dead End

Hell Bent

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Rachel Talalay

Back on Gallifrey, the Doctor confronts the Time Lords over Clara’s death. Discussion points include:

  • Opening vs. ending frames
  • Whose POV?
  • The Doctor as dougboy
  • Hybrids and red herrings
  • A necessary break-up
  • Clara and Me
Dead End

Written by David Greenwalt; Directed by James A. Contner

When given a new prosthetic hand with magical qualities, Lindsey starts to question his place at Wolfram and Hart. Discussion points includes:

  • Cordy’s visions keep getting worse
  • Wesley the leader
  • Lindsey’s artistry and contrarianism
  • Idle hands
  • Lilah’s protection
  • Lindsey follows his path

Next time: Buffy 5×19 Tough Love and Doctor Who 9×13 The Husbands of River Song.


Episode 139 – Some Minutes are Better Than Others

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×18 Intervention and Doctor Who 9×11 Heaven Sent


Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Michael Gershman

While Buffy goes on a spiritual quest, Spike finds another way to satisfy his longings for Buffy. Discussion points include:

  • Buffy’s hardness
  • “Death is your gift”
  • The slavishly mechanical Buffybot
  • Dawn’s theft and Willow’s advancement
  • Spike lives his fantasy
  • Glory gets closer to the Key
Heaven Sent

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Rachel Talalay

The Doctor works through his grief for Clara while trapped in an empty castle. Discussion points includes:

  • The ultimate puzzle box
  • The Veil and the confession dial
  • Repetition, hope, and despair
  • Purgatory and “burning through the grief”
  • The coming of the Hybrid
  • “How many seconds in eternity”

Next time: Doctor Who 9×12 Hell Bent and Angel 2×18 Dead End. 


Episode 138 – Why Can’t I Be Like You?

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 9×10 Face the Raven and Angel 2×17 Disharmony

Face the Raven

Written by Sarah Dollard; Directed by Justin Molotnikov

The Doctor and Clara help their old friend Rigsy investigate some missing memories. Discussion points include:

  • Fearing the reaper
  • Clara’s non-regeneration
  • Rigsy’s local knowledge
  • Mayor Me’s sanctuary
  • Clara’s reckless abandon
  • Fridging and Poe

Written by David Fury; Directed by Frederick King Keller

Cordy looks after her old friend Harmony when she comes to LA for a visit. Discussion points includes:

  • Cordy’s strained relationship with Angel
  • Speaking of friends who’ve gone to the dark side…
  • Cordy accepts Harmony
  • Self-actualization
  • Another betrayal
  • Reconciliation with clothes

Next time: Buffy 5×18 Intervention and Doctor Who 9×11 Heaven Sent.


Episode 137 – I Fell Apart

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×17 Forever and Doctor Who 9×11 Sleep No More


Written and Directed by Marti Noxon

Buffy struggles to be the parent to Dawn, while Dawn just wishes she could bring her mother back. Discussion points include:

  • Getting back to a routine
  • Pressure to be a parent
  • The subtextual Angel scene
  • Does Willow encourage Dawn?
  • Spike’s genuine grief
  • Buffy and Dawn let it out
Sleep No More

Written by Mark Gatiss; Directed by Justin Molotnikov

The Doctor and Clara arrive on a spaceship full of sleep-deprivation machines. Discussion points includes:

  • An interesting idea…
  • The found footage concept
  • Meta moments
  • Why are the Sandmen evolving, again?
  • Surface action only
  • A non-ending

Next time: Doctor Who 9×10 Face the Raven and Angel 2×17 Disharmony.


Episode 136 – All That Matters Is What We Do

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 9×10 The Zygon Inversion & Angel 2×16 Epiphany

The Zygon Inversion

Written by Peter Harness & Steven Moffat; Directed by Daniel Nettheim

In the second part, the Doctor confronts Bonnie about the moral consequences of her rebellion. Discussion points include:

  • An actionless episode
  • Inverted expectations
  • Bonnie’s humanity
  • Osgood’s refusal
  • Thinking like the Doctor
  • The Doctor’s guilt and anger

Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Thomas J. Wright

Angel has a change of heart and decides to go back to his friends, who are in need of some rescuing. Discussion points includes:

  • Parallels between “Surprise” and “Epiphany”
  • Darla’s epiphany
  • Kate’s lucky rescue
  • Applying Angel to the real world
  • The Host’s neutrality
  • Cordy’s hurt feelings

Link: A Russian Woman Speaks Out for LGBT Rights Using a Line from a Joss Whedon show

Next time: Buffy 5×17 Forever and Doctor Who 9×11 Sleep No More.


Episode 135 – Where’d She Go?

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×16 The Body and Doctor Who 9×7 The Zygon Invasion

The Body

Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

Buffy, Dawn, and their friends react to a shocking loss. Discussion points include:

  • Joss writes and directs a powerful episode
  • The bored “mundanity” of death
  • Buffy’s helplessness
  • Dawn’s negative space
  • The Scoobies bring humor and pathos
  • Facing The Body
The Zygon Invasion

Written by Peter Harness; Directed by Daniel Nettheim

The Zygons in hiding around planet Earth are threatened with exposure by an extremist faction. Discussion points includes:

  • Peter Harness’ political interests
  • The Zygon-Human link
  • Operation Double
  • Fear of the other
  • Why stay on Earth?
  • Jenna Coleman’s dark side

Next timeDoctor Who 9×10 The Zygon Inversion & Angel 2×16 Epiphany.


Episode 134 – It’s Me Against the World

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 9×6 The Woman Who Lived and Angel 2×15 Reprise

The Woman Who Lived

Written by Catherine Tregenna; Directed by Ed Bazalgette

The Doctor runs into Ashildr, now Lady Me, Restoration England. Discussion points include:

  • Catherine Tregenna’s jaded immortals
  • What you choose to forget
  • Multiple lives and identities
  • What’s in a name?
  • Saving or trapping Lady Me
  • “We need the mayflies”

Written by Tim Minear; Directed by James Whitmore, Jr.

Kate undergoes an investigation at work while Wolfram & Hart gears up for its dreaded 75 year review. Discussion points includes:

  • The 75 year review
  • Conflicted Lindsey and desperate Lilah
  • Angel’s murky destiny
  • The elevator to Hell
  • Kate gives up
  • Angel plays with fire

Next timeBuffy 5×16 The Body and Doctor Who 9×7 The Zygon Invasion.