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Episode 197 – I Think We’re All Going to Learn Something About Ourselves

Episodes discussed: Buffy 7×1 Lessons and BSG 3×17 Maelstrom

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:17:55; BSG 1:17:55 to the end


Written by Joss Whedon; Directed by David Solomon

Dawn begins high school at the newly renovated Sunnydale High. Discussion points include:

  • In Istanbul, not Constantinople…
  • Newly confident Xander
  • The ambiguous Principal Wood
  • Dawn and her Scoobies
  • Softened Anya & Willow
  • Spike’s demons

Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle; Directed by Michael Nankin

Kara faces her fears while patrolling for Cylon raiders. Discussion points includes:

  • Focusing on Kara
  • The symbol of the storm
  • Conversations with imaginary people
  • Making up with mommy
  • “You’re not Leoben”
  • A seemingly pointless death

Next time: BSG 3×18 The Son Also Rises and Buffy 7×2 Beneath You.

Episode 196 – My Triumphs and My Mistakes

Episodes discussed: BSG 3×16 Dirty Hands and the Buffy Season 6 Recap

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:13:20; Buffy 1:13:20 to the end

Dirty Hands

Written by Jane Espenson & Anne Cofell Saunders; Directed by Wayne Rose

The Chief resumes his role as leader of the labor union in light of safety issues among the crew. Discussion points include:

  • The message of the story
  • Baltar’s memoir
  • Seelix & Cally
  • Dirty jobs in the fleet
  • Adama and Roslin out of character?
  • Chief bridges the gap
Buffy Season 6 Recap

We discuss the broader themes and character development of Season 6 of Buffy. Discussion points includes:

  • A well-recognized season
  • Greater than the sum of its parts
  • Favorite episodes
  • Who or what is the Big Bad?
  • Buffy goes dark

Next time: Buffy 7×1 Lessons and BSG 3×17 Maelstrom.

Episode 195 – It’d Be Easier to Hate You

Episodes discussed: Buffy 6×22 Grave and BSG 3×15 A Day in the Life

Time Stamps: Buffy 00:00-1:11:45; BSG 1:11:45 to the end


Written by David Fury; Directed by James A. Contner

The Scoobies make their final confrontation against Dark Willow. Discussion points include:

  • Giles vs. Willow
  • Altruistic Anya
  • Jonathan’s aborted redemption
  • Buffy’s rebirth
  • Xander saves the day
  • Spike’s soul
A Day in the Life

Written by Mark Verheiden; Directed by Rod Hardy

Adama celebrates his anniversary while the Chief and Cally navigate relationships and mechanical difficulties. Discussion points includes:

  • Adama projects his ex
  • Human projection
  • The Adama/Roslin Ship
  • Dee & Gaeta’s deleted scene
  • Hotdog’s rash
  • Chief and Cally’s problems

Note: Check out this episode’s unfortunately deleted scene with Dee & Gaeta:

Next time: BSG 3×16 Dirty Hands and the Buffy Season 6 Recap.

Episode 194 – I Care If You Live or Die

Episodes discussed: BSG 3×14 The Woman King and Buffy 6×21 Two to Go

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:09:20; Buffy 1:09:20 to the end

The Woman King

Written by Michael Angeli; Directed by Michael Rymer

Helo battles colonial prejudice in Galactica’s refugee camp. Discussion points include:

  • Why the title?
  • The saintly “Helo Suit”
  • Colonial racism
  • Adama and Cottle go way out of character
  • The awkward bar scene
  • A very special episode

Note: Check out “The Helo Suit” and the rest of Jacob Clifton’s epic TWP BSG recaps

Two to Go

Written by Doug Petrie; Directed by Bill L. Norton

Willow hunts down her remaining targets, Andrew and Jonathan. Discussion points includes:

  • Spike wants his old self back
  • The choice to be a demon
  • Xander at his most powerless
  • Obtuse Andrew and weak-willed Jonathan
  • Buffy and Dawn’s hopefulness
  • Willow’s responsibility and misalignment

Next time: Buffy 6×22 Grave and BSG 3×15 A Day in the Life.