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Episode 109 – A Bad Influence on Himself

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×3 The Replacement and Doctor Who 7×13 The Name of the Doctor

The Replacement

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by James A. Contner

A spell gone wrong creates a Xander doppelganger, splitting into (supposed) strengths and weaknesses. Discussion points include:

  • The twin dilemma
  • Scaredy!Xander & Smooth!Xander
  • Xander fights for Anya
  • Anya’s awareness of mortality
  • Riley’s unrequited(?) feelings
  • Spike’s Buffy doll
The Name of the Doctor

Written by Steven Moffat; Directed by Saul Metzstein

When the Paternoster Gang are kidnapped, the Doctor must face Trenzalore to rescue them. Discussion points include:

  • The nursery rhyming Whisper Men
  • Seeing the effects on the Paternoster Gang
  • Clara meets River
  • The funereal tone
  • The John Hurt Doctor
  • Clara becomes the Impossible Girl

Next time: Doctor Who Series 7 Recap and Angel 2×3 First Impressions.


Episode 108 – Fear Makes People Do Stupid Things

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 7×12 Nightmare in Silver and Angel 2×2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

Nightmare in Silver

Written by Neil Gaiman; Directed by Stephen Woolfenden

The Doctor and Clara take the kids for a day of fun and terror at Webley’s World of Wonders. Discussion points include:

  • The deadly yet whimsical tone
  • Making the Cybermen scary again
  • Bringing the kids along
  • “The poor blighter who had to press the button”
  • The Doctor’s ignoble victory
  • Clara is the boss

Kat’s Note: I would like to apologize for the frankly ridiculous factual error: Warwick Davis was not in Time Bandits. I don’t know why I thought that. But it’s still a great movie. Go see it.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

Written by Tim Minear; Directed by David Semel

Angel remembers his life in the 1950’s when he lived in a Hollywood hotel full of paranoid guests. Discussion points include:

  • Backstory and non-linear structure
  • Angel’s solitary life
  • Prejudice and paranoia
  • The haunted hotel
  • Angel makes and breaks a connection
  • Mounting hysteria and missed redemption

Next time: Buffy 5×3 The Replacement and Doctor Who 7×13 The Name of the Doctor.

Episode 107 – That Girl… You Haven’t Explained

Episodes discussed: Buffy 5×2 Real Me and Doctor Who 7×11 The Crimson Horror

Real Me

Written by David Fury; Directed by David Grossman

Dawn laments the fact that no one understands her to her journal. Discussion points include:

  • Dawn’s metafictional introduction
  • Is Dawn likeable? Does she need to be?
  • Dawn’s maturity level
  • Buffy’s increased work ethic
  • Giles buys the magic shop
  • Anya’s cluelessness, Tara’s compassion & Harmony’s minions
The Crimson Horror

Written by Mark Gatiss; Directed by Saul Metzstein

The Paternoster Gang investigate a series of gruesome deaths in Victorian York. Discussion points include:

  • Bi-polar Victoriana
  • Penny Dreadfuls
  • The nutty Mrs. Gillyflower & Mr. Sweet
  • Ada and her special monster
  • Jenny takes the lead
  • The non-explanation

Next time: Doctor Who 7×12 Nightmare in Silver and Angel 2×2 Are You Now or Have You Ever Been.

Episode 106 – Isn’t This the Well-Oiled Machine?

Episodes discussed: Doctor Who 7×10 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS and Angel 2×1 Judgment

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Written by Steve Thompson; Directed by Mat King

When the TARDIS gets broken, the Doctor ventures into its depths to rescue Clara. Discussion points include:

  • The Eye of Harmony
  • The miscast supporting cast
  • Clara’s relationship with the TARDIS
  • The Doctor’s weasely behavior
  • The library, the book, and the name
  • Open-ended questions

Written by David Greenwalt (Story by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt); Directed by Michael Lange

Things go awry when Angel misinterprets one of Cordelia’s visions. Discussion points include:

  • The merciful & charismatic Host
  • Has the team become too cocky?
  • Angel lets his guard down
  • “Angel: the vampire with soul”
  • New commitment from Wes & Cordy
  • Darla & Faith

Next time: Buffy 5×2 Real Me and Doctor Who 7×11 The Crimson Horror.