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Episode 262 – I Didn’t Come Back to be a Monster

Episodes discussed: The Fades Episode 5 and Angel 5×20 The Girl in Question

Time Stamp: Angel starts 1:02:12

The Fades Episode 5

Written by Jack Thorne; Directed by Tom Shankland

The town evacuates as the Fades take over. Discussion points include:

  • Accelerated storytelling
  • The passage of time
  • Why are the Fades so angry?
  • Paul’s obliterating power
  • Neil targets Mac
  • Sarah and Neil
The Girl in Question

Written by Steven S. DeKnight & Drew Goddard; Directed by David Greenwalt

Angel and Spike track Buffy to Rome. Discussion points include:

  • Spike and Angel’s adventures in Italy
  • The Immortal
  • The retcon
  • Suave Andrew
  • Wolfram & Hart, Rome
  • Illyria plays Fred

Next time: Angel 5×21 Power Play and The Fades Episode 6.

Episode 261 – I Kill You, That’s How This Ends

Episodes discussed: Angel 5×19 Time Bomb and The Fades Episode  4

Time Stamp: Fades starts 1:03:20

Time Bomb

Written by Ben Edlund; Directed by Vern Gillum

Illyria explodes and time unravels. Discussion points include:

  • Rescuing Gunn
  • Imposter syndrome
  • The demonic messiah
  • “No master but your own ambition”
  • Unstuck in time
  • Angel’s executive decision
The Fades Episode 4

Written by Jack Thorne; Directed by Tom Shankland

A brain-dead Paul awakens as a Fade. Discussion points include:

  • Mark and Sarah
  • Family grief
  • Paul is (mostly) dead
  • Reborn in blood
  • Trust and betrayal
  • Paul’s resurrection

Next time: The Fades Episode 5 and Angel 5×20 The Girl in Question.

Episode 260 – I Was Right Not to Have Doubted

Episodes discussed: The Fades Episode 3 and Angel 5×18 Origin

Time Stamp: Angel starts 159:50

The Fades Episode 3

Written by Jack Thorne; Directed by Farren Blackburn

Paul struggles to keep his two lives balanced. Discussion points include:

  • An Angelic gets his wings
  • The missing father
  • Helen’s theology
  • The unwritten code
  • Friends and allies
  • Paul’s predicament

Written by Drew Goddard; Directed by Terrence O’Hara

A memory-altered Connor unexpectedly shows up at Wolfram & Hart. Discussion points include:

  • More teenagers getting hit by trucks!
  • Connor’s new life
  • Wesley gets his head back in the game
  • Trust broken again
  • Living with the truth
  • Connor’s choice

Next time: Angel 5×19 Time Bomb The Fades Episode  4.