Episode 156 – Going Through the Motions of Our Old Lives

Episodes discussed: BSG 1×11 Colonial Day and Buffy 6×3 After Life

Time Stamps: BSG 00:00-1:04:45; Buffy 1:04:45 to the end

Colonial Day

Written by Carla Robinson; Directed by Jonas Pate

Roslin is forced to court a Vice President during the fleet’s celebration of a national holiday. Discussion points include:

  • Recent history, national holidays, and patriotism
  • A wider view of the fleet
  • Bernie + Trump = Zarek
  • Appearances are deceiving
  • Zarek’s good points
  • Roslin’s politicking
After Life

Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by David Solomon

Buffy brings something back with her from the other side. Discussion points includes:

  • The consequences of magic
  • A potential origin for demon-kind?
  • How Buffy’s return affects everyone
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Dawn the caretaker
  • Buffy’s lie

Next time: Angel 3×4 Carpe Noctem and BSG 1×12 Kobol’s Last Gleaming: Part 1.


About Katherine Sas

I graduated from Messiah College in 2009 with a B.A. in English Literature. I'm a student of all things arts and humanities, in particular Tolkien, the Inklings, and the fantastic and imaginative tradition in storytelling.

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